Assalamualaikum all ... How are you? May we all good health .. amiinnn ....
Sob, not just in school wrote that have rules and discipline, it turns out there in cyberspace. One example is close to the blogosphere.
For a blogger, the blog is half of his life. Does not taste good when blogging without blogwalking, and unsightly, but if the blog has long been writing less and poorer friends (followers).
Well, bloggers all must have had nearly the same habits when blogwalking, which is just about the return trip by way stop at the guest book, fill in your name and fill out a short message (in the form: blogwalking, stop, return visits, and other short messages) without seeing -see the whole content of the blog (even without the comments on posts), go straight to the other blogs. Ckckck ...
This is one of our mistakes that we should reflect on and introspection.Take a look we think, what our friend good blog design is only visible if only the guest book?Why should we make writing pal cool and useful if not read and were not given feedback, comments, and suggestions?
Maybe bloggers each have an answer, hehehe ...

Another bad habit is when we are dead-end inspiration and do not know the theme of our posts, we continue blogwalking to other blogs and we Copas (copy paste) partial / entire contents of the blog posts. We continue to modify slightly the title and we love our little opinion at the end of the post. That's a legitimate wrote, but not often. Because why would we be blogging if its news copy and paste the results?And worse still if we do not include the source of Copas! Beuhh ... That is tantamount to stealing, Sob. Ckckck ...

Therefore, I ask to myself and to the bloggers in Indonesia, let us become a good blogger! Obey the rules in cyberspace, do not post something that is not useful, let alone something that porn, it's very damaging Sob.
Okay if so, so first I am posting this time. I think my friend might sanctimonious, pretentious not ever make mistakes. Hehehe. I am also human Sob, definitely do a lot of mistakes. To be sure, let us introspecting myself as a blogger and hopefully this short article useful! :))

*Sob = friend in Indonesian = Sahabat
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  1. kunjungan gan .,.
    saat kau kehilangan arah ingatlah masih ada yang menolong mu
    dan tetap berdoa mengharap untuk menemukan jalanmu.,.
    di tunggu kunjungan gan.,.

  2. oke sob..
    udah di kunjungi balik koq..
    makasi udah berkunjung :D